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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TIME keeps tick, tick, ticking AWAY!

Where has the time gone?
Geez...I so want to be a "blogger", I so want to chronicle our adventures, my thoughts, and so much more!  But here it is somewhere like 2 years since my last post.  Though I've thought of it many times it just hasn't been done!  So here we go, No promises! I'm not claiming any Superwoman super powers!!! I'm just a Homeschool Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Homemaker,& Sometimes Crafter trying
to keep her head above water, her boys educated, her house clean, yard mowed, husband happy(dinner made), keep up with friends and family, make memories & be happy.  How's that for a run on sentence? :) 
So there it is, I'm back to make another attempt at keeping it going!  I'm hoping I'll find a few "followers" along the way.  Hoping to keep you entertained with our adventures and ideas.  Perhaps have a place to get up on my proverbial Soap Box from time to time and maybe even vent about the intricacies of it all!  

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